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Congratulations to Shaanxi gallon crop science co made major breakthrough in the study of bio-pesticides

From March 29 to March 31, company General Manager Wang Xinan biological pesticides, held in Hainan, were invited to participate in the development and application of experience-sharing sessions, during this meeting, Wang was launched by Shaanxi gallon crop science limited and plant protection, Northwest Institute of research and development of a new antibiotic BC79 (Bacillus of Qinling Mountains). The advanced bio-fungicides on December 31, 2010, through provincial level technical appraisal. Shaanxi gallon crop science which means limited made a major breakthrough in bio-pesticide research.

2011年是“十二五”时期开局之年,中央一号文件就把农业当做国计民生的头等大事来抓。 In the process of rapid development of China's agriculture, diseases, pests and is also an important factor restricting the development of agricultural continuous steady in, in recent years, the average annual area of more than 100 million hectares of crop disease, pests of grain loss of approximately a year more than 30 million tons, resulting in economic losses of up to more than 30 billion. And the wide use of pesticides in plant disease prevention not only reduces the quality of agricultural products, but also to the environment, and human security caused incalculable harm. Especially the heavy use of chemical pesticides, has been in China, environmental pollution and ecological damage, affecting food safety and hazards to human and animal health and a series of well-known problems.

The priorities of common concern in the face of the State and society, Shaanxi gallon crop science limited for pests rampant in today's agriculture, pesticide residue issues such as growing and plant pathogen resistance, combined with microbial fungicides, crop and environmental pollution-free features such as security, By microbiology and plant pathology, College of plant protection, Northwest Shaanxi gallon crop science expert Professor An Derong, limited organization-led task group during the nearly 20 years of research, from tens of thousands of plants in Qinling forest soil microbial library by filtering out a strain of high performance, sterilization Canton and resistance, On crops and non-target organisms and the environment safe biological strains BC79 and its physiological and biochemical characteristics as well as in-depth study on antibacterial mechanism and successfully developed a new type of microorganism fungicide-Bacillus-Qinling.

Bacillus in Qinling was new microbial fungicides, which is different from the conventional biological Bacillus which is directly used as medicine sterilization, rather than secondary metabolites. Particularity is one of the biggest advantages of its own.

1, Qinling Bacillus Bacillus is modern high-tech bioengineering technology developed by the wettable powder living bacteria, bacteria was used to treat bacteria, bacteriostatic and bactericidal and induced disease resistance of crops, such as principles, prevention and treatment of objects have a double effect on prevention and treatment. Qinling Mountains for other variety of plant pathogenic fungi of Bacillus are a strong inhibitory effect, showed a broad antimicrobial spectrum.

2, the Qinling Mountains has a strong colonization activity of Bacillus, fermentation liquid of spores are resistant to high temperature and resistance and rapid colonization of propagation characteristics and continuously secrete antimicrobial substances after living bacteria colonization, inhibited the tomato surface pathogens such as botrytis cinerea and pyricularia grisea, preventing the destruction of pathogenic fungi on leaf and fruit surfaces, Like crop and put on a intelligent biological stealth armor, so as to achieve the effect of protection, prevention and treatment.

3 safety of Bacillus, Qinling and crops on the environment. Field and pot experiments indicate that Bacillus Qinling no damage on target crops, has some effect on rice.

4, bio-pesticides has always been known for expensive, and the Qinling Mountains of research and production of wettable powder of Bacillus by using raw materials raw materials lower in price are similar pesticide materials, economical and affordable. In addition, the new application of microbial fungicides Qinling Bacillus, can greatly reduce the use of conventional chemical pesticides, is also a major contribution in reducing environmental pollution.

5, induced resistance in crops. After breeding in plant colonization by Bacillus of Qinling Mountains, also can produce some crop resistance protein gene expression and signaling proteins or resistance to protease-induced disease resistance of crops produced, enhancing disease resistance in crops, strengthening the natural immunity of crops, so as to achieve the effect of resistance against pathogens. In addition, Bacillus Qinling in the plant to produce some kind of plant growth regulating substances such as cytokinin, indole acetic acid, plant growth.

Development and application of bio-pesticides has caused and attach great importance to the Central Government, is booming trend in late March at the national bio-pesticides, held in Hainan Development and experience-sharing sessions, but also sounded the national bio-pesticide inputs and clarion call for research and development, at this time, the Shaanxi gallon crop science new biopesticide fungicides --Bacillus Qinling come out, it's time. Believe in the hard work of many researchers, this new type of fungicide, will soon go into mass production, its broad development prospects will be self-evident, it is bound to agriculture and to make greater contributions to the development of human society.

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