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Agricultural products to the world

Congratulations to Shanxi Xiannong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd. Corporation and the American company specializing in pesticide trade company was reached in February 2012 dimethomorph water dispersible granule of 80% sales agent contract, as well as by the company, the product in the European Union, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries to register. At this point, the agricultural companies of high quality agricultural products are favored by foreign companies, but also through the sales channels of foreign firms out of the country, which enhance the company's brand image, and have the opportunity to bring more and better-quality agricultural products to the world, will greatly enhance the company's competitiveness, For China's agricultural development and make greater contributions to the cause.

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Shanxi Xiannong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd. limited

Address: Hai Jing, Feng Cheng road, economic and technological development zone international

Phone: 029-65693055, 65693056, 65693059

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