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Congratulations to the 2011 first-year strategic partnership Association of Shaanxi Province held

On November 15, 2011, autumn, cool, osmanthus fragrance. In this charming gold autumn harvest season, ushered in the Shaanxi agricultural strategic partner Fellowship 2011, in XI ' an city of fengcheng 7 East Dragon international hotel was held. Since the start of this Conference is the first in Shaanxi Province agricultural company, gracious invitation of dealers across the country for the first time to Xian for sightseeing and guide our work, main topics of the Congress are: enhancing the customer and the company's cooperation, strengthening communication with the customer, to build confidence, build a strong brand in Shaanxi Province, completed vendor integration as well as the company's sales strategy shows.

Chen Guang of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology materials Department Director, pesticide testing, Shaanxi Province Li Zhiwen, Director of Shaanxi rural 112 people, including well-known dealers all over the country participated in the meeting.

During the meeting, letter of Shaanxi, Shaanxi Provincial pesticide testing supervisor gave a warm speech. Their Shanxi Xiannong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd. company in recent years, the rapid development and the courage to fight, a positive spirit fully affirmed and highly appraised; representatives of participating dealers also did a wonderful statement, General Manager Wang Xinan Wang Shuxin, zhouxiaojun, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, respectively on the company's future development plan, development strategy, Tactical full lecture, and a good interaction between subject and object.

After the meeting, under the leadership of General Manager Wang Xinan visited the company's new marketing Center and headquarters building. Show the company's good image and confidence. This activity among manufacturers has been conducted in a friendly atmosphere, agricultural companies and dealers across the country reached a consensus conference was a complete success.

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