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Guan Qi, Deputy published on the half year review

Deputy Guan qi in the half year summary of June 2, 2011 will deliver an important speech, text excerpts are as follows: the importance of product quality for enterprise, it goes without saying that does not focus on product quality, will eventually move falls short. Realized the importance of the quality of light is not enough, we have to do it, but how can we do high quality products?
From a small start, good detail, grasp quality, quality of products from "test" to "prevention", from "blocked" to "open", and then to the production of "total quality management", it is not difficult to see that level of refinement in the production process requires higher and higher, to ensure product quality and safety, enterprise quality management requires a higher starting point, Comprehensive import product production quality management concepts established independently of the quality assurance system for production management, strengthen quality inspection and quality monitoring of product realization processes, yield, cost, quality happened in resolving conflict, disease from the root put an end to sacrifice on quality, realize the change quality management concept.
Enterprises must advance in the quality management total quality management model, layers of checks to everybody, to make the quality control at the source of every product. Must strictly control the quality in the manufacturing process cost, and require everyone to have a sense of ownership, continuous improvement, and constantly improve on all details, the quality problems in the production process, can also reduce quality problems in the production process.
Quality management no permanent answers, only permanent problems, quality control and production speed is continuously to solve problems in the process of standardization, no best, only better, is the excellence of quality awareness. Creating famous brand, dedicated boutique products, is the eternal pursuit of the enterprise.
Quality is the root of an enterprise, only members with quality well before the long rank above the root tree, our business can go on for a long time, in the course of use of our products to consumers has been received to brand.

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