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Company held a sales meeting

From June 2 to June 4, agricultural companies routinely held "to speed up the pace of sales, vigorously develop new markets" as the theme of the sales meeting. Major regional managers on their respective markets of six months has been carefully analyzed and summarized. General Manager Wang Xinan, company Vice President Guan Qi Assistant Ju Ming Zhou Xiaojun, General Manager, Sales Director, company leaders and sales managers, Ministers, product manager, carefully listened to the regional manager of reporting, and sales in the second half were specific deployment and requirements.
Wang requested to do a major regional manager – implementation, focus on implementation. For business people of the difficulties encountered in the market in the early issues to be resolved in a timely manner. Ministers should fully play the role of guide and coordinate, market-oriented protection, technical services. Sales staff should give full play to the initiative of the company, do a good job promotion work. All marketing personnel with the company to improve the core product planning, implementation, and promotion.
Manager Zhou asked sales staff to seize the recovery payment, best product to market early, grab each sales opportunity, trying to reduce inventory in the market. To put the past behind, traveling light, sales in the second half. Continue to lead the company in 2011 sales of core products, managers should make every effort to cooperate with the company in all key areas of improving core product sales and promotional efforts to emphasize sales of core products must have programmes, focused, planned and implemented.
Close the sum total encourages companies to business confidence and passion, people advocate recognize the current complexity of the climate and the economic situation, neither negative slack, or blindly optimistic, trying to bring their initiative, and strive to complete the 2011 mission.
Major regional manager to detail the sales in the second half of the deployment, puts the market operation of the program, company General Manager, Ministry of finance and other departments to inform the related work done. This very successful sales meeting, past and goals is clear. Successfully complete the 2011 goal for the company has laid a solid foundation.

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